10 Offbeat Things To Do In London

Walking about with hundreds of other people on your tour to the Buckingham Palace, you wonder, is there more to London that what the guidebooks show? Of course there is! Here are some things to do in London that most tourists don’t usually get to experience.

 1. Visit Farmers’ Markets

Farmer's Market

There is nothing like starting your London adventure right than with a full stomach and there is no other way to do this than to indulge in gustatory delights from farmers’ markets. From farmers and fishermen to bakers and cheese makers, you will surely find the freshest and mouth-watering home-grown food at these markets. The Borough Market is a highly recommended destination and is easily accessible whether you are going there by . You can also check out first the website of to check other markets all over London that are near you.

 2. Watch a Crazy Horse show

Crazy Horse Show

Paris’ most seductive cabaret group has found its home in London’ South Bank. Watch the breathtaking performances of beautiful dancers as they pay homage to the delights that the celebration of sensuality can bring out at .

 3. Get your heart pumping at the races

Sandown Park

Greyhound and horse racing are local activities that London that tourists must check out. For greyhound racing, head to the Catford Greyhound Racing Kennels in Layhams Road. Those who prefer horse racing will definitely have a memorable day at the Ascot Racecourse. They offer group discounts and those under 18 can enter for free when accompanied by an adult. Meanwhile, the also holds live concerts on certain race or competition days.

 4. Commute along the Thames 

Most locals commute along the Thames to and from work, oblivious to the sights that have already grown familiar to them. As a visitor, you can ride the commuter boat along the Thames, and experience the river for cheaper than what most tourists pay for a cruise. The website has comprehensive information of schedules and prices so you can plan ahead for the routes that you want to take.

 5. See the Underground


 James Bond and other movies have featured underground stations of the Tube that have already been abandoned. If you want to satisfy your curiosity if these stations really exist and what you can find in there, you can take a tour that explores this side of the London underground. If you are mainly a DIY-traveler who avoids group tours, this is one tour that can be the exception. The sometimes holds tours of the closed Aldwych station, while holds more regular tours that also highlight the history of the London Underground.

6. Learn about the history of London cinema

History of Cinema

Speaking of history, movie lovers will surely love to spend a few hours or even the whole day at . Located at Kennington, the museum holds regular exhibits of artefacts ranging from old movie equipment down to old movie carpets, and even cinema uniforms through the years! Check out the events schedule on their website when you plan your visit if you want to catch film screenings or live presentations aside from viewing the exhibits.

7. Watch a live band performance

Passing Clouds live bands

London has a rich mix of culture due to the diverse nationalities and ethnicities of its local population. The multicultural band scene joyously celebrates unity in diversity through music and it would be a shame to miss out on this experience. If your time can only allow you to visit one place, head off to in Dalston. Locals flock to this venue for its casual and real ambience, upbeat vibe, and wide variety of musical genres being showcased.

8. Tour an artists’ quarter

Artists' Quarter

After a night of uplifting music, spend the next day imbibing more art. This time, let your visual senses have their fill as you tour an artists’ quarter at The Sugar House, in Sugar House Lane in Stratford. A whole acre of warehouses have been converted into art studios in this area. For other artistic venues and activities, the website can point you to other possible artists’ haunts.

9. Try your hand at graffiti


How about making some street art yourself? Young travelers from 15 to 21 years old can unleash the Banksy in them with the Graffiti Workshops held near the Old Street station every Saturday afternoon. This is just one of the workshops held by that anyone within the age group can join.

10. Pub crawl on Euston Road

pub crawl

Finally, cap your time in London with a good old pub crawl along Euston Road. From 7pm until past midnight or until your sobriety allows, there are a number of pubs serving hearty food and, of course, all the beer, ale, cider, or wine that you’d want to try out. In no particular order, you can go to any or all of the following pubs: The Rocket, Mabel’s Tavern, O’Neill’s in Kings Cross, The Euston Flyer, and The Euston Tap.

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