5 Sporting Events To Attend In The UK

With enthusiastic fans, domestic leagues, various international events hosted every year, the U.K. is a busier destination for sports every year. And for those who have never travelled there or paid attention to its array of major athletic competitions, it’s important to note that not everything revolves around football! Rather, the selection of athletic events involves a number of high-profile sports enjoyed all over the world. So here’s a look at five major sporting events in the U.K. to see if you’re visiting in 2014.


1. FA Cup Final

Held every spring in London, usually at the famous Wembley Stadium, the is in many ways the pinnacle of the English domestic football calendar. The Premier League and Champions League races typically draw significant attention throughout the U.K. However, the FA Cup Final is an annual championship match between two English clubs, and it is always an incredible time. If you’re looking to visit a great football match in the U.K., this is certainly one to shoot for.

2. The Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival

Horse racing can be incredibly entertaining to watch live, and the Cheltenham Festival is truly a unique event. Spread across four days in March, this event offers different competitions and festivities on different days. It offers visitors an enjoyable, laid-back, but exciting visit. Some like to enhance the thrill a bit by placing bets on favourite horses, and the is currently offering updated odds and news regarding the various horses taking place in key races. There’s lots to bet on, though the is one option that draws a great deal of intrigue and activity.

3. The Boat Race

If you’re looking to attend an event that feels as distinctly British as possible, it’s tough to beat “,” which is the annual rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge. Rowed on the River Thames right through London, the spring competition has been held annually for over 150 years with the exception of a few gaps during the World Wars. It is an iconic, wonderfully enjoyable sporting event.

4. Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Perhaps the single U.K. sporting event with the most international renown,

Finally, there’s the increasingly popular (and increasingly common) event of American football being brought to Wembley. With the NFL , there are regular season matches being played in London every year. And in 2014, we will see three games played for the first time. These games too can be enhanced with a bit of betting in advance, but really it’s always fun to see the London crowds embrace a sport that’s becoming so much more popular worldwide.

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