Singapore: Land Of Diversity


On my recent trip to Singapore last July, I did not expect to be amazed at what’s in store for me there. My idea of Singapore is that it’s just a concrete jungle where the corporate world thrives, and strict rules abound. This is not so…

A couple of friends and I stayed at the YMCA International House. The cozy ambience greeted us, with it’s neat interiors and facilities. We stayed at a dormitory room there where 4 people had to share together. We we’re very lucky as our roommate, a Pakistani national, got along with us, so we had no problem sharing a room with him.


The diverse cultures of Singapore were already prominent where we stayed, as every morning, people from various nationalities would meet for a scrumptious buffet breakfast at the cafeteria. This is our daily morning ritual there, as we get ready to face a day outside sightseeing and enjoy what Singapore has to offer… and there’s lots!


In a country where business is at its center, shopping malls thrive in Singapore – from the high end malls of Marina Bay Sands, to the seemingly endless boundaries of Vivo City, you’ll find shopping an enjoyable experience – that’s if you have plenty to spend, otherwise just hang around the mall, window shop, or dine in a variety of multicultural food Singapore serves on its platter.


Sentosa Island is a must go attraction. A whole day of your time is required to experience what’s inside this vast playground. There’s the Universal Studios movie-themed park where you’ll find the super-speed hanging rollercoaster, which we bravely rode on 3 times! There’s Sentosa Beach – where you can relax, have a tan on their man-made beach, or paddle away on their large indoor wave pool. Among other attractions inside Sentosa are the Mega-Zip, Go-Kart, and the I-Fly Indoor Skydiving.


What impresses me most about Singapore is it’s a very organized or ironed out country. The cleanliness of surroundings, and the many architectural sceneries gives out a refreshing and peaceful vibe to its visitors. You can get to any destination safe and sound with their efficient public transport system – the MTR and coded buses makes going around Singapore a breeze.


There are many other attractions or reasons for going back to Singapore. Whether you are an extreme adventurer who would love to experience indoor skydiving, to the laid back person who has an appreciation of the arts – there’s something for everyone in Singapore. It’s really a melting pot, a land of diverse cultures and attractions!

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