Top 5 Things To Do in Seattle

space needle seattle

Seattle is based in the state of Washington and is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. It is located between an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, named Puget Sound, and Lake Washington. Seattle, which is about 100 miles south of the Canadian border, is a must visit for anyone planning to visit the region. It is a city of creativity, music and amazing food! There are some great things to do over a weekend in Seattle, so check out my top five if you are planning a trip there.

Pike Place Market

pike public market seattle

The market was founded in 1907 and overlooks the Elliott Bay waterfront. Local farmers and craftspeople have stalls there all year round. It’s a wonderful mixture of food, art, books and much more. If you go, go hungry. Everything looks so good; you’ll want to try everything! If you do pay a visit, try and go early as it can get very busy and crowded.

The Experience Music Project

experience music project seattle

The EMP is in a great location, just next to the Space Needle and lot of other ‘touristy’ activities. There is a monorail nearer the center of the city that can take you straight there, but it’s really not that far to walk, especially if the weather is nice. The EMP was a wonderful place to spend some time, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in music and movies. There’s a ton of cool memorabilia to look at and some fascinating exhibitions. I really enjoyed the Nirvana and Women Who Rock exhibitions, which held lots of instruments, costumes, set lists and other items donated by some of music’s most influential artists.

Capitol Hill

capitol hill seatlle

Capitol Hill is another must-see for music fans. The district one of the city’s best for nightlife and entertainment. I walked up on my second evening and found an awesome old bar called the Comet Tavern. They had some great bands playing, a friendly barmaid and most importantly locally brewed beers! It was one of those places that had graffiti from customers all over the bathroom about how much they love the place. If you are a fan of grunge music (which you may very well be if you’re heading to Seattle!) then Capital Hill is a must for you. It really captures what the city is all about.

The Columbia Center

columbia center seattle

This one may be a little bit of Seattle secret. It’s not only the highest building in the city, but the whole of Washington State and doesn’t cost as much as the Space Needle. The view was absolutely fantastic. It’s a great building to visit, and takes you down to the other side of Seattle. Choose a clear day to head up there and you’ll be able to see for miles!

The Market Theater Gum Wall

market theater gum wall seattle

The gum wall is one of Seattle’s local landmarks situated by Pike Place Market. The wall ‘began’ back in 1993 when patrons of the theater continually stuck their gum on the wall. It was scraped twice, but always filled with gum afterwards and soon after deemed an attraction by market officials. The gum wall sounds a bit gross in theory, but actually looks fantastic and it’s so much fun making a contribution! For me it sort of encompassed what I came to really like about Seattle – sort of run down and grungy, but also very chilled out and creative. There was graffiti and art all over and I thought it was great how people had made an old, disused alleyway into something beautiful.

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